Our Wines

Our wines are handcrafted & unfiltered which gives them a unique flavor.  All processing, from the first crush, to barrel aging, to fining & bottling occurs on site at the winery.   Our main ingredient………………..  Passion & love!

Our current varietals include:

  • CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2010  - a very fruit driven wine.  Beautiful nose.  Aged 18 month in a variety of different oak.  Easy drinkabilty.  Unfiltered.
  • MOURVEDRE 2010 – One of our coastal releases.  Beatiful fruit from Santa Barbara County.  Fresh nose with a light body.  Smooth finish and unfiltered.
  • SYRAH 2010 -   Also aged in American oak barrels, Syrah lover’s will enjoy this wine.  Fruity and spicy with a little sweetness at the finish.  Locally grown.  
  • ZINFANDEL 2010 – Unfiltered and aged in American Oak barrels, creating hints of tobacco & plum.  Nice blend of spice and jam with the Rock Canyon smooth finish we know and love.  Award winning (San Diego County Fair)
  • GMS TRIPLE DONKEY Blend 2008 – Another coastal release.  Pleasent nose with nice hints of berry and a mature finish. Contains 38% Grenache, 34% Mourvedre, & 28% syrah.  Unfiltered.
  • DOS EN UNO Blend 2011 Coming Mar. 2013 Cab. Sauv./Syrah 50/50 blend   Also Unfiltered & “endangered”(limited stock).   This wine has a hint of sweetness from our Cabernet blended with the different spices of our Syrah, making the foundation for a very smooth blend. 
  • ROXY’S RED 2011 – Hungarian oak Zinfandel   Nice fruity nose with smokey hints.  Aged in the Hungarian Oak barrels.  Pairs nice with smoked cheese or anything off the BBQ. 
  • ROXY’S RED 2011 -Suave’ Syrah    Aged in first year French Oak 15 months.  Spicy but smooth for a nice finish. 
  • CHARDONNAY 2009 – Aged in stainless steel and slightly oaked for a nice balance with the fruit.   Out of the Lake county area, known for quality fruit.
  • ROXY’S RUBY ROSE’ 2012 – Coming May 2013.  Classic Rose’ with hint of sweetness.  limited stock.